Preliminary assessment (for subsidy applications)

Subsidy providers increasingly require ethical assessment for research grant applications. Since this involves research which has only been worked out in broad terms, with uncertain funding, a detailed application for regular FEtC-H assessment is not yet relevant. In such cases, researchers can request an FEtC-H preliminary assessment of the grant application. This can be done via this path of the portal.

Since in such cases, the grant application deadline is likely to be very close, the FEtC-GW will do its best to come to a decision promptly via email consultation (within 1-2 weeks). Please note that subsidy applicants should take this schedule into account in their time planning.

This preliminary assessment of the grant application does not replace regular FEtC-H assessment of specific studies; once applications have been approved and been worked out in detail they should still be submitted to the FEtC-H for thorough assessment.

Answering the questions within this part of the portal will approximately take 5 minutes. You will be requested to upload a document that contains all relevant information from the original grant application, such as the summary of the project, in order for the FEtC-GW to be able to review your project.

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