Register a new study (practice portal)

  • Before submitting an application, please consult:
  • Make sure to use the correct (most recent) model documents for informed consent.
  • Students who cannot access intranet should receive these documents from their supervisor. The same example texts can be found on this page, though on non-official documents.

A proposal consists of (i) trajectories, (ii) sessions, and (iii) tasks, in descending order of subdivision.

  • Trajectory: When different groups of participants do not complete the same tasks or do not follow the same instructions during your research, they traverse different trajectories, and require separate informed consent documents.

    For example: school management, parents of children up to 15 years of age, or teachers.

  • Session: All tasks or procedures that a participant completes in a day combined.
  • Task: A task or procedure within your research proposal.

    For example: completing an interview, questionnaire, or language test.

Please be advised that a practice proposal cannot be submitted to the FETC-H.